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Low-Cost Schedule of Benefit Plan

OverseasCare Plan

OverseasCare TM VisitorsInsurance TM Plan is a low cost Scheduled Benefits Accident and Sickness Medical Coverage for persons traveling to USA. Coverage can be purchased online for a minimum of five (5) days up to a maximum of one (2) years.

There are two plan options that are available: Basic & Premier. If you got involved in accident and if you are injured you can get medical care and our OverseasCare TM VisitorsInsurance TM Plan Insurance will take care of you. Coverage includes Inpatient care, Outpatient Care, Ambulance, surgical expenses, prescriptions drugs and doctor's visit. It covers Acute Onset of a Pre existing Condition(s) for Medical Expenses. No matter which plan you choose, travel medical insurance is a must when planning a trip out of your home country.

The OverseasCare TM plan is underwritten by: Lloyd's, London. This largest, oldest and most respected insurance market . You will have the security of knowing that you are working with an insurer who has paid every eligible claim for more than 320 years. Lloyd's is rated 'A' by AM Best Company and Standard & Poor's for their superior ability to pay claims.

What you should know about overseas care insurance

If you are looking for travel insurance then you need to check out OverseasCare insurance, or overseas visitor health insurance. It is designed specifically to help US citizens who are traveling outside the country to get help, especially when it comes to medical insurance. ..

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