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IM : Visitors Insurance Plans for Travelers

Visitors Insurance .com a division of im体育官方, Inc - is the one stop shop for international visitors insurance plans. We provide coverage for Non-U.S. Citizens (Foreign nationals, Parents or Relatives visiting USA/Canada and/or worldwide) traveling to the USA outside their home country or US Residents/Citizens travelling outside the USA. If you or your loved ones are traveling abroad for work, mission, study or vacation, Visitors has exactly what you are looking for. As a division of im体育官方 Inc , we have been trusted to ensure quality insurance coverage for Foreign Nationals for 35+ years. During this time, we have become the leading provider for travel visitor insurance plans. We are licensed to sell products for some of the most well-known insurance companies in the travel visitors insurance space including IMG Global, Trawick International, WorldTrips, Azimuth Risk Solutions, Global Underwriters, and Petersen International. Insurance companies we represent use national PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) networks including most notably companies like Aetna, First Health, and UnitedHealthCare just to name a few. Through these companies, we carry top-rated products that are available for domestic insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, short-term disability insurance, long-term disability insurance and vision insurance. This is the perfect insurance solution for temporary travelers, residents, immigrants and/or green card holders.


Whether you are looking for an individual or group plan, will customize a plan to fit all your needs. Competitive quotes for group and individual insurance policies are available if you contact agents. After understanding your insurance needs, one of our licensed customer service agents will share a custom email quote for your review. The online application takes less than 5 minutes to apply and your ID cards and coverage documents will be emailed to within 15 minutes. We are Pioneers in the Insurance industry with over 35+ years providing first class services! Let our 35+ years of expertise help you choose the best plan for your loved ones. Having trouble or need more options? Please give us call at 800-344-9540. If you have any questions or looking for competitive quotes, please call or send us an email at

im体育官方 : Group Insurance for IT Companies

We also specialize in Employee Benefits for over 35+ years. We offer a full spectrum of high quality, competitively priced products and services that provide the flexibility to create an ideal benefits package. Multiline packages may include group Medical, Dental, Life, Vision, and Disability insurance which can help reduce overall premium rates. We offer Group Medical Insurance for US resident/citizens/H1 etc. We have various Group medical products from Aetna, All Savers Alternate Funding - A UnitedHealthCare Company, CIGNA Insurance, Trustmark/Starmark as well as National General/Assurant Health. These companies offer some of the best self-funded refund products. The Employee Benefits National PPO (Aetna, CIGNA , All Savers Insurance, UnitedHealthCare (UHC) & PHCS / Multiplan network for medical, Dental & Vision.

  • Fully insured (Medical, Dental, Life, Vision & Disability ( STD & LTD)
  • Self-Funded - Medical insurance *
  • Level-Funding - Medical insurance *
  • Self-Insured - Medical insurance
  • Admin Service Only (ASO) - Medical insurance, Dental & Vision benefits

* Self-funded and Level-funding medical insurance options have refund option if the claims are lower than what expected by insurance carriers.*

If you have any questions or looking for competitive group insurance quotes, please call Ramesh Patel or send us an email at with your current employees' census and your current benefit package.

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